Welcome to Spanish 7 and 8

  • Welcome to Spanish. 

    This course will be organized by the week on Canvas, where classwork topics and assignments will be listed. 
    I'm sure you will be a Spanish Star by the end of the year!  

    Image of Pinata

    Like you, I learned Spanish in 7th and 8th grade as a native English speaker, so I know you can become fluent.  The key is to learn as much as you can about the culture and language and to not be afraid to try something new.  Enjoy!

    Why Learn Spanish?

    One obvious reason for Arizona residents to learn Spanish is that we live so close to Mexico and are already familiar with some of the traditions, holidays and food of the Mexican people.  There are many stores and marketplaces that sell Mexican imports and cater to the tourists.  A decoration like the Five Star Mexican Pinata makes any party a Fiesta!    And who doesn't like a tasty taco or burrito every once in awhile?  Many careers center around the Mexican culture in the southwest and being able to communicate in Spanish can expand a business's client base.  Some careers may even require bilingual interpreters in fields like healthcare, courts of law and education.  Whatever career you chose you will be more successful if you can communicate in a variety of world languages.  

Classwork / Homework:

  • I typically do not assign anything that is strictly homework.  I plan my lessons and class time so that students should have time to complete all or most of their work in class. However, there are times when things like fire drills or student behavior can unexpectedly cut into our work time.  When that is the case, students will be expected to finish their assignments/practice work at home.  All homework is due the following school day unless otherwise specified.

Class Schedule

  • Block 1:  Spanish 7
    Block 2:  Spanish 7
    Block 3:  Spanish 7
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    Block 5:  
    Spanish 8
    Block 6:  Spanish 8

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