• Parents,
    Fully online schools in Arizona, including the Academy of Excellence, must keep a log of student time spent daily on ALL schoolwork, including time spent working in educational software platforms such as Imagine Math, Khan Academy, etc., reading a book, doing school related/academic projects, and even taking lunch.

    Based on 180 day School Calendar, students should be spending the following time each school day doing school related work.

    Kindergarten = 2 Hours per school day
    First, Second, Third Grade = 4 Hours per school day
    Fourth, Fifth, Sixth = 5 Hours per school day
    Seventh, Eighth = 6 Hours per school day

    Although the average time per day above is calculated from the traditional 180 day district calendar, time can be entered for any day of the week, weekends and holidays included.

    The Academy of Excellence can only verify time spent in the learning platforms (Florida Virtual and Edmentum.) In order to insure students get credit for ALL the additional time spent working on school, we need your input.

    Please complete this form weekly so we can get the full and correct amount of time your student puts into his or her education.