• Hi! I'm Andrea Williams

     I'm the PE Teacher at Desert Sun Academy in Scottsdale, Arizona. I have taught PE in Arizona since 2001 at all levels, Pre-K through 12th grade. I am married to my husband, David, and have 2 children (Cameron, 7, and Nolan, 5) as well as a mutt dog, Zuma. My kids named our dog after Zuma on Paw Patrol! I'm an avid runner and one of my favorite things as a PE Teacher is helping students learn to enjoy running in fun ways. I'm also the 5th/6th Cross Country Coach at Desert Sun. I grew up in Colorado and am a lifelong Denver Broncos fan!


    Mrs. Williams


    Educational Mission:

    As a physical education teacher as well as a mental health advocate, I have a personal commitment to helping my students prepare for a physically fit future in today’s dynamic world. In my PE classes, I break down sports skills and fitness concepts in a way that students can understand mentally and as well as physically. My goal is to help all students find a physical activity that they will enjoy for a lifetime.

    Follow Desert Sun PE on Instagram: @desertsunacademype



    1st Grade picture of Desert Sun


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