Third grade is an amazing experience. It is a time when students blossom from second graders into fourth graders. Their senses of humor develop, they attain a deeper understanding of their world and yet they are still at a time in their lives when the innocence of childhood has not yet disappeared. As a team, third graders revel in exploring the fun and exciting topics of our State Standards through project based learning and real world problem solving challenges.

    In Language Arts, third graders reach new heights within their reading and writing capabilities. Their primary focus is no longer on the nuts and bolts of how to read, but rather the true purpose and by far the most enjoyable purpose for reading; Comprehension! Their writing becomes clearer, more detailed, and more organized with our 6 -Traits and activity-based instruction for all of the following writing types: opinion, informative, research, and narrative.  With each genre third graders learn the art of breaking down and simplifing the sometimes difficult and tedious task of putting pen to paper with great success.

    Mathematics is an adventure all its own. Mastering place value, time, addition, subtraction, graphing, multiplication, division, fractions and geometry are the major goals of all third graders. They achieve their goals through a wide variety of experiences and materials, which include many hands on and real world challenges.

    If you ask any 7, 8, or 9 year old what they think about school, chances are they would say, "Third grade is an awesome place to be!" 

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