Welcome to My Class

  • Welcome back, Falcons!  We are soaring in an unfamiliar sky, but the good news is: we are in it together! 

    We have made amazing progress exploring geometry this year, and I am committed to continue to provide meaningful learning experiences.  Nature has thrown us a curve ball, so let's be flexible, open-minded, positive, and patient with one another.  If we do, then I believe we will come out of this better human beings.  

    "The green reed which bends in the wind is stronger than the mighty oak which breaks in the storm." -Confucius



  • Be Patient  These times present new learning for most of us.  Be patient with yourself, your family, your friends, and your teachers.

    Be Compassionate  Everybody is experiencing COVID-19 differently; for some, much more severely than others.  Remember, we don't know everyone's story.

    Be Watchful  If you know another student is struggling, reach out to a teacher or counselor.  If you know something, say something.

    Be Appropriate  This is still school!  Inappropriate interactions with digital learning can lead to consequences. 

    Be Open  Some of us will have more on our plate during this time than others.  Communicate when you feel overwhelmed; your teachers will be understanding.

    Be Safe  Your health and the health of your loved ones is the most important.  Do what it takes to ensure safety; it's your number one priority! 



Assignments, Attendance and Resources

  • Assignments

    Assignments will be posted in the CLASSWORK tab on my Google Classroom on Friday of each week.  My Stream Notifications are turned off, so students are responsible for checking Geometry assignments weekly.  Students will have the entire week to complete assignments, which are due by 11:59 pm the following Friday.  All work should be uploaded to the CLASSWORK tab on the Google Classroom. 


    Attendance will also be posted in the CLASSWORK tab on my Google Classroom.  To be marked present for Geometry, visit the Google Classroom daily, and click on the marked as done box in front of that day's date. 


    Google Classroom 

    It will be helpful to download the Google Classroom, Google Docs, and Google Drive apps, as we will do the majority of our corresponding through Google Classroom. 

    School Email 

    Please correspond with me through district email.  I will be available for office hours when you need them.  Email me when you want to chat or need help, and I'll schedule time for you.


    It is possible that a zoom will be a platform used for interraction.  Please familiarize yourself with net etiquette aka "netiquette."