• Welcome to Beginning Dance!




Daily Work

  • Students should be practicing the performance exam dances each day. The expectation is that students spend five to ten minutes a day on knowledge of contect (memorization), musicality (reviewing the counts), and technique (correct technical placement of the steps).

    Performance Exams:
    Basic Body Skills - August
    Basic Body Skill PowerPoint

    Ballet - September/October
    Ballet PowerPoint
    Advanced Ballet PowerPoint

    Modern - October/November
    Modern PowerPoint

    Jazz/Hip Hop - November/December

    Choreography - January/February

    Performance - March/April (Performance in May)

    Skill Assessment - May




Class Schedule

  • Period 1: Beginning Dance

    Period 2: Beginning Dance

    Period 3: Prep

    Period 4: Honors Falcon Dance Company

    Period 5: Beginning Dance

    Period 6: Beginning Dance