• Dear Parents and Students,

    As I’m sure you are aware, CCUSD will be transitioning to online learning for the foreseeable future. Below is important information about our new online learning:

    Online course work will begin Thurs, April 02.

    Online Resources: All course work will be available via my Google Classroom. The steps required for students to access or enroll in my Google Classroom are:

    1. Go to Google Classroom. 
    2. Click on the +  and select join a class
    3. Enter the class code that corresponds with the class you take (all my class codes are scheduled to be emailed on Tuesday, March 31st at 2:45 PM.  Please email me directly if you don't recieve the email and don't have the google classroom class code)

     Weekly Assignments: The course work for all dance courses will be made available each week on Saturday and will be due by 11:59 PM on Friday. This provides students with six days to complete the weekly work. While the weekly calendar will have a suggested due date, to keep students on track; the assignments will not be officially due until 11:59 PM on Friday. The following day students will have access to the next weekly assignments.

    Attendance: In compliance with state guidelines I will need to mark attendance each school day (M-F). Therefore, in addition to the weekly assignments, students will have a Daily Question that they will have to answer by 2:00 PM. The Daily Question will double as an attendance marker that I will use to mark students present or absent, and will only be accessible on scheduled school days. It will also be used to give students daily participation points.  

    Communication: Should you or your student need additional help/information please feel free to check (and bookmark for future access) the links below. Additionally, I will be available via e-mail at EEricson@ccusd93.net  or students can schedule “Office Hours” for individual needs or more in-depth questions. I am willing and able to provide “Office Hours” on Zoom.  Please email me to schedule this.


    Online Expectations:


     Beginning Calendar (Updated weekly):


     Company Weekly Calendar (Updated weekly):


     Welcome to Ms. Ericson's Dance website!

    2019 - 2020 Performance Dates:

    Company Concert - December 5th and 6th

    Student Choreography Concert - Feb. 6th and 7th

    Spring Concert - April 29th, 30th and May 1st 

    Tech and Dress Rehearsals will be held prior to each of these performances.  All performances are held at the Fine Arts Center and begin a 7 P.M. 

Daily Work

  • Students should be practicing the performance exam dances each day. The expectation is that students spend five to ten minutes a day on knowledge of contect (memorization), musicality (reviewing the counts), and technique (correct technical placement of the steps).

    Performance Exams:
    Basic Body Skills - August
    Basic Body Skill PowerPoint

    Ballet - September/October
    Ballet PowerPoint
    Advanced Ballet PowerPoint

    Modern - October/November
    Modern PowerPoint

    Jazz/Hip Hop - November/December

    Choreography - January/February

    Performance - March/April (Performance in May)

    Skill Assessment - May




Class Schedule

  • Period 1: Beginning Dance

    Period 2: Beginning Dance

    Period 3: Prep

    Period 4: Honors Falcon Dance Company

    Period 5: Beginning Dance

    Period 6: Beginning Dance