• Welcome to the 4th Quarter Adventure

    Students should go to Google Classroom for calendars, documents, and all instructions.

    All documents, assignments, and instructions will be delivered through the Google Classroom. You may email for details.

    The calendar has been updated through April 17 and will be continually updated. 

    In addition, the Welcome to 4th Quarter letter details expectations for students. 

    Please feel free to contact me at anytime with questions, concerns, or inquiries.  slavigne@ccusd93.net




  • Assignments will be posted on the board daily. Long term assignment details can be found in syllabus and class handouts.

Class Schedule

  • Period One      Yearbook
    Period Two      ENG 101/102
    Period Three    ENG 101/102
    Period Four      ENG 101/102
    Period Five      Prep
    Period Six       IB Senior English