Welcome to Chemistry

  • Historically, the recommended pre-requisite for Chemistry is a passing grade of C or higher in Algebra 1/2 (B or higher for Honors Chemistry) and a passing score on the 9th grade AIMS Science Exam.  We also recommend that students pass the AZ Merit for Alegbra 1/2 with a score of 3 or 4.  Analysis of students exam scores in chemistry indicates that students who pass grade level standardized assessments are more successful in chemistry than students who do not.

    9th Grade AIMS Science Scores Versus Chemistry Exam Scores

    Why is Chemistry so challenging for me?  The simple answer is that you must develep new neural pathways in your brain that you do not yet have if you have never taken chemistry.  Read this article to better understand why slow and steady practice works and last minute cramming does not:


Class Schedule

    • 1st period:  preAP Chemistry 
    • 2nd period: preAP Chemistry (H)
    • 3rd period:  preAP Chemistry (H)
    • 4th period:  preAP Chemistry (H)
    • LUNCH
    • 5th period: preAP Chemistry
    • 6th period: TEACHER PREP
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