• Welcome back to Physics and Geology!

    Classes begin on Thursday 4/2 via Google Classroom. The access codes are posted on this page.

    Please click below to read my Welcome Back letter.

    Welcome Back Letter (Online Learning)




    Dear Physics Students,

    The vast majority of you have been engaged in our online learning, and I admire your commitment to learning physics through the new format. I certainly miss seeing you in real life. The main purpose of this communication is to provide some helpful insight into the rest of our semester.

    MISSING WORK: All web-based assignments and quizzes must be made up by Friday May 15th at 2 PM. An work turned in after May 15th 2:00 pm will not be counted for credit.

    FINAL EXAM: We will be having a final exam, which will cover all the topics from second semester. Due to the new circumstances, the science department is reducing the value of our final exam to 10% of your final Quarter 4 grade (rather than the 20% implemented last semester).

    FINAL GRADES: Some students still have questions about how final grades will be determined. The following statement, taken from the CSHS virtual website, summarizes the procedures that teachers will use:

    “Teachers will input grades into Infinite Campus weekly as usual. If the grade at the end of the fourth quarter is lower than the grade at the end of the third quarter, the third quarter grade will be placed on the transcript as the final grade. Students have the opportunity to improve grades in the fourth quarter”.


    5/4-5/8: The last of our new content has been posted to your Google Stream. Be sure to study the PowerPoint and complete the associated Google Form by Monday 5/11.

    We will also be having a Waves Exam (50 points in the test category) using Quizizz. This exam will have a 15 minute limit per question, and it must be done in one sitting (no logging back in). The Waves Exam will be posted on Friday 5/8 at 7:00 am and will close on Monday 5/11 at 3:00 PM!

    5/11-5/15: The physics teachers will be posting semester review sets.

    5/18-5/21: The link to our Semester 2 final exam will be posted on Wednesday 5/20 at 7:00 am and the link will close on 5/21 at 3:00 pm. The final exam will not be timed, but it must be completed in one sitting (no logging back in).

    Please feel free to email me or join my zoom office hours for any help and/or clarifications.
    Mr. R

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