Welcome to 12th Grade Government

  • Welcome back! I've been thinking about all of you and hoping you and your family are feeling well. I know this is a difficult time. Uncertainty is hard on everyone. We all process life experiences differently and at different times. Whatever you're feeling right now is perfectly ok.

    I've been dong my part and practicing social distancing. The time at home has allowed me to focus on myself and take care of all the things I routinely put off: sleeping, reading, exercising, watching shows, organizing, cleaning, calling people, and being neighborly.

    On Monday, March 30th the Governor announced that schools will be closed for the remainder of the school year. As such, we will be moving forward with digital learning to finish out the 4th Quarter.  I've tried to make make things as user friendly as possible.  We will continue to use the Google Classrooms already established for class.  Everything will be available a week at a time for you to complete at your convenience.  Please check out my 'Online Classroom Expectations' attached or in 'Key Documents.'  I'm sure it will answer many of your questions. If not, reach out, and I'd be happy to answer :)

    I'm looking forward to experiencing this new type of classroom with all of you!

    Ms. Zilka



    What is Economics?

    Economics is a basic high school level survey course covering the micro and macro concepts of scarcity, opportunity costs, economic systems, incentives, trade, specialization, markets and prices, supply and demand, competition, entrepreneurship, gross domestic product, unemployment, inflation, monetary policy, fiscal policy, and personal finance.

    Content Objectives Include:
    -To develop a basic understanding of how the economy works.
    -To expand everyday vocabulary to include economic terms.
    -To connect course material to real life occurances.

    Grade Level Objectives Include:
    -To begin the transition to life after high school.
    -To increase student autonomy.
    -To practice the skills necessary for life after high school.

    Successful completion of Economics is a graduation requirement set forth by the State of Arizona and Cactus Shadows High School. 


  • Assignments are posted weekly in Google Classroom.

Class Schedule

  • Period 1: Government
    Period 2: Government
    Period 3: Government
    Period 4: Student Leadership
    Period 5: Government