Welcome to First Grade!

  • Welcome to my first grade classroom! I am glad to be your child's teacher for such an exciting year of learning! This is my 33rd year of teaching. I taught kindergarten for one year and have spent thirty-two years in 1st grade - where I really like to be! I have been teaching at Desert Willow since it opened 20 years ago and for the past 15 years have been proud to teach in the Spanish Immersion program. I look forward to sharing this milestone year of learning with your 1st grader! It is my wish that your child will love 1st grade as much as I do!

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Weekly Homework

  • Mondays:
    *Daily Reading Homework - Day 1
    (Please have your child read it to you, sign it, and send it back to school the following day in your child's homework folder.)
    *Weekly Spelling Packet
    (Your child has the week to complete the spelling packet and return it to school as he/she studies for Friday's spelling test.)

    *Daily Reading Homework - Day 2
    *Work on Spelling Packet and practice spelling words.

    *Daily Reading Homework - Day 3
    *Work on Spelling Packet and practice spelling words.

    *Daily Reading Homework - Day 4
    *Work on Spelling Packet and practice spelling words.

    *Daily Reading Homework - Day 5
    (We will have a spelling test today!)

     **Please read with your child daily for at least 20-30 minutes!

Class Schedule

Textbook Links

  • GoMath textbook   Treasures textbook