Class Information

  • HTES – 4rd grade

    Room Phone: 480-272-8559

    HOLIDAYS:  We will have a Winter party sometime during the week before Winter Break..  We will have a Valentine’s Day/Math/Az Birthday Party on Friday, February 14.  Our End of the Party will be on Wednesday, May 20.

    BIRTHDAYS:   HTES is continuing to have all Birthday celebrations at one time, during the monthly celebration of Birthday Book Club.  All birthday celebrations will be conducted during the student’s Birthday Book Club monthly opportunity in the library.  Summer birthday months are included in the schedule.  Parents are encouraged to come and celebrate during Birthday Book Club.  HTES policy regarding birthday celebrations continues to support our effort to connect with the provisions of the Child Nutrition Act which requires that all school districts participate in the national School Lunch Program.  This school wide practice will preserve instructional time, allow us to recognize all students equally, provide healthy, pre-packaged treats, avoid allergy related health emergencies and promote books as the greatest gift to our growing readers.

    AGENDAS: Be sure to check your child’s agenda every day. Confirm that all assignments are completed before you sign it. I will record each morning that your child’s agenda is not signed. It is your child’s responsibility to make sure it is signed each day.

    CURSIVE: Students learned cursive in 3rd grade.  We will continue to expect students to form letters as per the Handwriting Without Tears program prescribed by CCUSD.  We will review this cursive program the first two weeks of 4th grade.

    MATH: We use the Go Math curriculum.  It is important that your
    child has mastery of their basic addition and subtraction facts and multiplication facts 1-10.  Addition and Subtraction taught in 1st and 2nd Grade. Multiplication Tables 1-10 were taught in 3rd grade.  We use the Rocket Math Math Fact program.  Students will be tested to see if they have automaticity with their addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division facts.  Students begin the program where they no longer test proficient and use this as a guide to study math facts at home. 

    REACH and TEACH TIME: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday mornings from 8:15 – 8:50 is Reach and Teach Time in our classroom. This is 35 minutes of individual or small group tutoring opportunity. Please watch your student’s agenda or your email for a note from me asking that your student attend a Reach and Teach Time.

    Students and/or parents may also initiate a Reach and Teach Time request.

    PARENT/TEACHER CONFERENCES: Please sign up for your conference, scheduled for the week of October 16.

    Class Read Aloud Books:  We always have a class read aloud book that supplements the Journey’s story of the week.  The HTES Library Class Set inventory  dictates our book titles chosen each year.  

    2019 - 2020 Class Read Aloud List

    Because of Winn Dixie
    Stone Fox
    The White Mountains
    Number Stars
    Snow Treasures
    Indian in the Cupboard
    The Black Stallion
    Sign of the Beaver
    The Phantom Tollbooth
    Student Choice from HTES Library class sets

    Helpful Hint

    To help your child be organized and prepared each morning, ask these questions the night before as they pack up:

    * Have you packed up your homework?
    * Is your agenda signed?
    * Do you have lunch or lunch money for tomorrow?
    * Do you know how you are getting home tomorrow?
    *  What  Encore class do you have tomorrow?