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CAVE CREEK – The Cave Creek Unified School District shall make available an educational program for preschool children with disabilities who reside in the school district and who are not already receiving services that have been provided through the department of education. All school districts are required to cooperate, if appropriate, with community organizations that provide services to preschool children with disabilities in the provision of the district's preschool program for children with disabilities.

The Cave Creek Unified School District is currently scheduling appointments for parents who are concerned about their preschooler’s educational development.  Child Find, a federally mandated screening program for preschool children, conducts activities to identify, locate and evaluate children with disabilities.

A "Preschool child" means a child who is at least three years of age but who has not reached the required age for kindergarten, subject to section § 1577 1, subsection F. For purposes of this section, "preschool child" means a child
who is at least three years of age but who has not reached the age required for kindergarten. A preschool child is three years of age as of the date of the child's third birthday. The governing board of a school district may admit otherwise eligible children who are within ninety days of their third birthday, if it is determined to be in the best interest of the individual child.

All families living within the District’s boundaries with children who may be in need of special education or related services are encouraged to take advantage of this free screening.

To make an appointment please contact:

Ms. Kathryn Stemwedel

School Psychologist

(480) 437-3056


Betsy Mayo 
Program Assistant- DPS

(480) 575-2949