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January Employees of the Month

Mrs. Julia Scotto

Executive Assistant to the Superintendent & Governing Board

District Office

Julia has been selected as the #WeAreCCUSD Employee of the Month for January! This award recognizes staff members who positively impact all facets of CCUSD. 

The CCUSD Governing Board initiated a new superintendent search this past summer which meant many additional Governing Board meetings, as well as regular Governing Board meetings that were added this summer and fall--10 additional meetings in all-- that Julia attended and took minutes for. Few people know the amount of work that goes into preparing the Governing Board agenda, doing the public notices, writing up the minutes, etc. because Julia makes it look easy!

Now, with Dr. Monroe being named as the new superintendent, she has added a boss and is keeping up a calendar for Dr. Burdick and Dr. Monroe, as well as scheduling meetings for Dr. Monroe and getting him acclimated to his new role. All of this is on top of what she does on a regular basis which is an incredible amount of work. We are so grateful to work with such a dedicated and competent employee. Julia ALWAYS goes above and beyond.

Julia is an inspiration because she is always looking to make someone else's job easier. Not only does she do this for the Superintendent, the Governing Board, but also colleagues and even parents or community members who call. She doesn't send people to the website without going to it "with them" on her computer to walk them through where to find something. She doesn't just transfer people on the phone but stays on the line with them to make sure someone picks up from the transfer to make sure they are not having to talk to voicemail but a real person. She always leaves a positive customer service impression with everyone because she knows that is what they will remember, even if they called for a less than positive reason. Julia treats everyone with respect and professionalism.  

The words best used to describe Julia are dedicated, trustworthy, and generous.  Julia, you truly exemplify excellence in our schools.  


Stacey Brockman

Food Service Worker

Child Nutrition

Stacey is dedicated to CCUSD and models a remarkable work ethic. She is willing to go the extra mile to help out a school, a coworker, or a department. The definition of exceptional is someone that is high above average and Stacey is certainly that and more; it shows in her daily duties and interactions at work. She is everything CCUSD represents: kind, willing to help whenever and wherever needed, and dedicated to CCUSD. She is currently working mornings for ECS and afternoons for Child Nutrition and handling both positions without a glitch. She is always ready to jump in and help without hesitation. Most recently she helped with getting lunch ready at Cactus Shadows and it was so appreciated by staff and, unbeknownst to them, the students as well! Being part of two departments is challenging but Stacey welcomed it with open arms. She shows she cares about coworkers and students each and every day and we are so pleased she is part of the CCUSD team!

The words best used to describe Stacey are dedicated, kind, and helpful.  Stacey truly exemplifies excellence in our schools.  

Kristin Cardin

Kindergarten Teacher

Academy of Online Excellence

Kristin inspires her teammates, students, their families, and everyone she encounters with her kind heart and constant positivity. She is a role model teacher, team member, and employee. Kristin spends hours creating resources and generously shares them with others. She even creates additional lessons, video calls, and offers extra tutoring and support for students and families outside of her required work time. She inspires others with her kind, warm approach to all situations. She has positive relationships with all of her families and she is a great cheerleader and listener for her teaching team. Kristin is the first to volunteer to help others, to learn a new skill to teach others, or to provide support for a student/family/colleague. She is always willing to lend a helping hand, whether it's listening and offering advice to a colleague or her admin team or being patient with families and young students as they learn the very intimidating online platform for the first time.  We are grateful that she is part of the CCUSD work family.

The words best used to describe Kristin are generous, happy, and patient.  Kristin truly exemplifies excellence in our schools. 

Ms. Jennifer Cento

English Teacher

Cactus Shadows High School

Jenn is simply a superstar! Not only does she teach six periods a day with no prep, but she also supports most of the new teachers in the English department. She manages to be creative, engaging, and inspirational every day to her students and fellow coworkers. She sends her lesson plans to several of the newer teachers and substitutes in order to help them learn and offer support to them. Jenn picked up a sixth period in another teacher's absence and she still continued to support the new teachers as they learned their roles. A long-term sub sits in Jenn's classroom every day to observe how Jenn teaches a lesson so that she can model her lessons after Jenn's.  Jenn puts school ahead of everything else, and even when she is stressed, she is still willing to support anyone in any way she is able. She does so much for the English department and the school and we are so thankful to have you at CCUSD!

The words best used to describe Jenn are selfless, enthusiastic, and caring.  Jenn truly exemplifies excellence in our schools.  

Mr. Ken Gibadlo

Special Education Teacher

Cactus Shadows High School   

Ken holds his students accountable and encourages them to push themselves and try new things. He is creative in his thinking and problem solving skills, especially when it comes to enhancing the student's learning. Ken has taken opportunities to bring real world situations into the classroom. He recently won an award to improve his recovery room and has brought that into his many classes by having the students measure the room, find the area, square footage, etc. The students are also researching items they can use and put into the room. They are learning budgeting skills with the available money and how to give and take, be flexible with their thinking, and compromise. The students will be able to experience math, essential skills, and science from these lessons.  As a colleague, Ken is extremely helpful with ideas that will help support our students. He offers great advice and communicates very well with his peers to make sure everyone is on the same page with the students. In order to connect with more students, Ken has even started helping with the football team.  Ken is a dedicated member of the CCUSD work family and we are lucky to have him at CSHS.

The words best used to describe Ken are urbane, altruistic, and genuine.  Ken truly exemplifies excellence in our schools.  

Ms. Kathryn Letter

Clinic Assistant

Horseshoe Trails Elementary School

Kathryn and the other health clinic assistants have worked very hard, especially during the last few months, dealing with outbreaks of COVID-19 and exposures.  Kathryn handles it all with her customary grace and good-humor. She does a fantastic job communicating with parents, students, and staff during this more than difficult and stressful time. Unfortunately in the past weeks, there have been many quarantined students and staff, and Kathryn has been so supportive, compassionate, and communicative with our families and staff members. Our families trust and respect her because she is intentional in building positive rapport with students and has an empathetic ear with parents and guardians. As a front office staff member, we are beyond grateful for her professionalism, willingness to have tough conversations, and for her empathy and sincerity. 

The words best used to describe Kathryn are dedicated, compassionate, and hard-working.  Kathryn truly exemplifies excellence in our schools.  

Mr. Charles Stahl

Tech Lab Coordinator

Sonoran Trails Middle School

Charlie does his job extremely well! He gets quotes quickly, lets his coworkers change their minds a million times, and still delivers with a smile. When a teacher, student, or parent needs help with Infinite Campus, Charlie is always willing and eager to lend a helping hand. He communicates with Raptor tech support frequently to keep things up and running and jumps right in when students are waiting for a temp ID or a new ID. Charlie is always thinking ahead and coming up with solutions to avoid issues before they surface. During COVID-19 STMS had many staff and students out due to quarantine. When the STMS front office staff was out, Charlie stepped up to help answer the phones, make temporary I.D.’s, and even talk to students who were having hard times. He did ALL of this while performing the requirements of his assigned job. Charlie is simply a rock star!

The words best used to describe Charlie are dependable, flexible, and multi-talented.  Charlie truly exemplifies excellence in our schools.  

Ms. Alison Yadon


Sonoran Trails Middle School

Alison brings so much to the STMS campus and school district! She is always volunteering to help others by covering classes, helping with Canvas/IC troubleshooting, etc. On top of that, she is just fun to be around! This has been a difficult year, but Alison is still full of laughs and brings joy into the classrooms, hallways, and lounge. STMS staff never doubt that she cares about them and would help them out in a heartbeat.  She has worked tirelessly this semester to resolve grade book issues in Canvas and IC. She has spent so much time helping colleagues as we transfer information from Canvas to IC and she frequently gives up her prep to fill-in for teachers who are out and/or help reteach/enrich students in social studies content. Alison is the definition of a team player and we are so grateful she is part of the CCUSD work family at STMS.

The words best used to describe Alison are kind, caring, and fun.  Alison truly exemplifies excellence in our schools.