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February Employees of the Month

Ms. Terrie Landsberger

Child Nutrition Kitchen Manager


Terrie is the “go to” for production sheets, ordering, planning, and so much more. During quarantine, she basically worked 2 schools for 2 weeks and when the kitchen staff was assigned to clear out DAMS, she jumped right in to help. Her supervisor brags that one of Terrie's greatest strengths is her ability to problem solve and think critically.  She also boasts that Terrie consistently demonstrates a positive outlook and attitude towards all issues that come her way.  Terrie's displays of enthusiasm and team spirit for the Child Nutrition staff are appreciated and her perseverance in the face of adversity is admired.

The words best used to describe Terrie are generous, compassionate, and leader.  Terrie truly exemplifies excellence in our schools.  

Ms. Angelia Arend

8th Grade Counselor


Angelia is a new addition to the STMS team this year but no one would ever know!  She is empathetic and approachable yet firm and consistent with students and parents. These traits are necessities in her role but can be difficult to maintain with the varied situations she is required to manage. Angelia is creating impressive student connections, covering lunch duty and classes due to teacher absences and she helps with both student and staff needs whenever she sees that someone needs a hand and she never, ever complains. Angelia is simply a supreme addition to the STMS and CCUSD team! 

The words best used to describe Angelia are invaluable, motivated, game-changer. She truly exemplifies excellence in our schools.

Ms. Sandra Bagley

4th Grade Teacher


Like most teachers, Sandy has had a whirlwind of a year. She started the year as a 6th grade ELA teacher (a grade level she has never taught before) then transferred to 4th grade to mitigate class size. Through it all, her attitude and effort have been impeccable and Sandy has built amazing relationships with her existing and new families this year. Because Sandy has fostered a welcoming community of learners, her Principal receives an email from a grateful family praising her just about every week! That is the best compliment one can be given. Outside of the classroom, Sandy is known to be a beam of positivity by working with newer teachers, supporting HTES programs, and promoting an encouraging spirit on campus.

The words best used to describe Sandy are kind, open-minded, and modest. She truly exemplifies excellence in our schools. 

Ms. Amanda Barnes

2nd Grade Teacher


You are “the” official BMES Donors Choose expert and grant writer. With Amanda's support, more BMES teachers have successfully written Donor's Choose grants in the past few months than they have all other years combined. She has helped more teachers and kids to have the materials and experiences that couldn't be afforded otherwise.  Amanda has been so successful that she was named a Donor's Choose Ambassador by Donor's Choose. In addition, she changed grade levels this year and her teammate from last year were in tears! This year, she has inspired that same unity within her new team by sending out emails of encouragement and advice and just being there to help out if needed. It is employees like Amanda that make our community great!

The words best used to describe Sandy are encouraging, positive, and gifted. She truly exemplifies excellence in our schools. 

Ms. Darcy Esemonu

Bus Driver

Transportation Dept.

Darcy's safety and attendance record speak for themselves, but she does so much more than just the job requirements.  Darcy continually goes above and beyond on a daily basis. She has had zero preventable accidents in 10+ years, she knows all of her bus riders and treats them as if they were her own children. This was illustrated in an email her supervisor received from one of her parents. To have a parent state that her “heart is at ease” when her child is on Darcy's bus is the biggest compliment anyone can receive. She is the first and last face at CCUSD that these bus riders see and it sounds as if she is making a positive impact on their day. 

The words best used to describe Darcy are dedicated, professional, and caring. She truly exemplifies excellence in our schools.

Mr. Steve Rohde

Physical Education Teacher


By reading Steve's nominations and accolades, he is definitely the official pick-me-up person at DWES! As highlighted at the Governing Board meeting, Steve is a wonderful PE teacher and coach, but it doesn’t stop there. From his morning greetings as the crossing guard to his hilarious and entertaining voluntary morning announcements, it is clear that he puts his students first and inspires his coworkers each day as well by sharing a funny story or giving an uplifting word. He cares about the kids, but he also looks out for his colleagues - and that's really important!

The words best used to describe Steve are dependable, upbeat, and caring. He truly exemplifies excellence in our schools.

Ms. Maggie Steinsiefer

Health Clinic Assistant


The health clinic assistant job is not easy under normal circumstances, but this year has been particularly challenging and Maggie has been working above and beyond to make sure that everyone is happy and healthy since going back to in-person learning. She keeps students safe by fairly implementing all of the MCDPH policies and she calmly and efficiently explains the protocols to parents. A clinic assistant sees it all – from broken bones to sick kids, to those just needing some TLC, and her kind, caring, compassion is what makes them feel better.  The relationships she builds with students and families are what set Maggie apart from others and what makes CCUSD so proud that she is a part of the team.

The words best used to describe you are caring, calm, and competent. Maggie truly exemplifies excellence in our schools.