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March Employees of the Month

Mr. Sky Watson

IT Technician

District Wide

Sky's organizational skills, attention to detail, and ability to be a liaison between personnel at the schools, HR, and technology have enriched our IT department.  He has implemented procedures to make our onboarding process of new employees faster and more accurate.  Sky is always willing to take the extra steps to be sure things are taken care of and is quick to respond when there is an issue. Sky has superb customer service skills with our parents and staff and he takes the time to explain how future problems can be avoided. He is professional, compassionate, and proficient which helps our operations run smoothly and efficiently. 

The words best used to describe Sky are organized, efficient, and excellent customer service. He truly exemplifies excellence in our schools.    

Ms. Janelle Braber

Bus Driver

Transportation Department

Janelle is a shining star to your bus riders!  She greets each child when they get on the bus, wishes them a great day when dropping them off at school each morning, and a wonderful evening at the end of their school day. She can often be seen waving to our community and family members when driving through the neighborhoods dropping off our kids. Janelle takes extra special care of our special needs students, taking the time to make sure they are comfortable and content while riding her bus and she has developed excellent communication with her rider’s parents, reassuring them that they are taken care of and are safe while in her care. Janelle is a special person and we are lucky to have her working at CCUSD!

The words best used to describe Janelle are personable, compassionate, and reliable. She truly exemplifies excellence in our schools. 

Ms. Sandra Bagley

4th Grade Teacher


Like most teachers, Sandy has had a whirlwind of a year. She started the year as a 6th grade ELA teacher (a grade level she has never taught before) then transferred to 4th grade to mitigate class size. Through it all, her attitude and effort have been impeccable and Sandy has built amazing relationships with her existing and new families this year. Because Sandy has fostered a welcoming community of learners, her Principal receives an email from a grateful family praising her just about every week! That is the best compliment one can be given. Outside of the classroom, Sandy is known to be a beam of positivity by working with newer teachers, supporting HTES programs, and promoting an encouraging spirit on campus.

The words best used to describe Sandy are kind, open-minded, and modest. She truly exemplifies excellence in our schools. 

Ms. Melissa Contreras



At the start of this unusual year, Melissa stepped into teaching positions that started as a few days, then went to a week then turned into a month. Her flexibility and professionalism as a substitute teacher have been outstanding. Teachers are very impressed with how much work gets done while they are out and also with her classroom management skills. We can call Melissa at a moment's notice and she cheerfully changes things around to be available for us. She has made her own lesson plans for classes that ran out of plans due to absences lasting longer than expected in these uncertain times and she has maintained consistency for our students. Melissa's support is beyond measure. 

The words best used to describe Melissa are dependable, professional, and caring. Melissa truly exemplifies excellence in our schools.

Ms. Allison Darnell

Gifted Teacher

District Wide

Allison's contributions to the Creative Inquiry program have been exemplary.  She is anticipatory and intuitive and gets tasks done with little to no prompting, she echos the rhetoric and philosophies created in the foundation of the course and builds relationships beyond the academics by inquiring about the student's outside experiences. Allison has actively sought out new technologies and artistic tools and has used her savviness to make documents accessible and editable so that the students can be productive.  Allison and her mentor teacher, Janine Macris, have learned how to make i-Movies together; explore the Green Screen; to model for students how to think and collaborate and feed off each other’s ideas. Allison offers a tone of excitement and inspiration to our students and their potential experiences in the classroom.   

The words best used to describe Allison are loyal, insightful, and intuitive. She truly exemplifies excellence in our schools

Ms. Shannon Larson

Library Media Technician


Shannon has transformed the STMS library into a much more welcoming place for students. Teachers and staff have complimented the updated look and positivity emanating from the library. She has stocked the library with pieces that really speak to our middle school students, rearranged furniture to make the atmosphere more friendly and open, and even decorated for every season to make the library a place our students want to go and feel welcome.  Shannon handles any situation with care and professionalism with the student’s best interest at heart each and every day.

The words best used to describe Shannon are student-centered, friendly, and organized. She truly exemplifies excellence in our schools. 

Ms. Raquel Torregrosa

4th Grade Teacher


Raquel makes learning fun for her students by singing songs, playing games, and creating interactive stations to teach her students new math concepts. She conducts fun science labs to help her students understand what they are learning in science. Aside from being an excellent teacher, she is also an excellent co-worker. Raquel is always there to fill in or lend a hand or share new creative teaching techniques and she even has small group instruction to teach colleagues those new techniques. It is apparent that Raquel cares about her students, colleagues, and her school. We are so very lucky to have Raquel as part of the DWES family!

The words best used to describe Raquel are kind, dedicated, and innovative. She truly exemplifies excellence in our schools. 

Ms. Kaitlyn Williams

Health Clinic Assistant


It's been said that Katilyn has the perfect personality for working with students in the Health Office. She is kind, thorough, efficient, responsible, conscientious, and reliable. Her principal, Mr. Owsley, brags that she is great at your job and absolutely goes above and beyond in her communications with parents and her care for students. Mr. Owsley praises her poise and calm demeanor, especially under pressure.  Kaitlyn interacts with our parents with expertise and a maturity that is beyond expectation.  Everyone is impressed watching her deal with challenging situations and really bringing a sense of calm and order to BMES. 

The words best used to describe Kaitlyn are sweet, kind, and responsible. She truly exemplifies excellence in our schools.