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What is personalized learning?

"Across the country, personalized learning is increasingly recognized as a promising strategy to boost student academic growth by meeting the individual needs of students. While no established definition of personalized learning exists, many definitions envelop general principles that include customization, student agency, and flexibility of instruction."  This is from the Education Elements white paper about personalized learning and what it entails, why use it with students. Personalized Learning White Paper

The authors continue: "In many ways, the principles of personalized learning stand in stark contrast with traditional classrooms: students move at their own pace, pursue learning that aligns with their individual interests, and set goals to reach their potential. While the sheer number of districts starting to consider how to re-create classroom environments to include these principles is promising, the shift to personalized learning leaves many educators asking a very important question: What does a successful implementation of personalized learning actually look like?"

Through the Core Four, which are the 4 elements through which personalized learning happens, teachers are able to create an environment which is: differentiated, respectful, dynamic, and student-centered.