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Mrs. Sara Jahns and Laura Bird, Desert Willow Elementary School

Mrs. Sara Jahns has been teaching at Desert Willow Elementary School in CCUSD for over 20 years (since the school opened).  She currently teaches the English side of the third grade Spanish Immersion program.  Jahns is an advocate for her students, her school and the district, ensuring positive ongoing support for programs and families whenever needed.  Jahns’ classroom is filled with student work showcasing her pride in student accomplishments and her classroom culture is very welcoming and inclusive.  Pictured is Jahns with her class pointing at their favorite teacher.

Laura Bird is a third grade student at Desert Willow Elementary School.  Mrs. Jahns says of Laura, “She is a well-rounded student who enjoys participating in class and loves to learn.  Laura is a friend to everyone she meets and is someone her classmates can rely on when they need a friend."  Pictured is Laura with a recent Thanksgiving writing project she completed with the support of her teacher.  Laura is proud of her accomplishments in writing and hopes to continue to grow and have more fun writing assignments like this.