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Mrs. Kristin Steward and Grayson Riedel, Black Mountain Elementary School

Kristin Steward is a kindergarten teacher at Black Mountain Elementary School. She is a positive person with lots of energy and 100% focus on kids and learning. Kristen is a team player, offering her time and skills, putting others first, no matter what is thrown her way. Students in Mrs. Steward’s class participate in authentic learning experiences and are encouraged to be kind and helpful in every situation. Mrs. Steward also enjoys bringing positivity and encouragement to other teachers and staff at Black Mountain Elementary. Pictured is Mrs. Steward spraying shaving cream for her students to work on letter writing and sounds as they trace them on the table.

Grayson Riedel is a kindergarten student at Black Mountain Elementary School. Grayson is a happy, friendly scholar who gives his all in everything he tries. Mrs. Steward says of Grayson, “In the few months that Grayson has been in kinder, he has grown in his confidence, his ability to take risks and he has learned that mistakes are to be celebrated. His appetite for learning is insatiable and he enjoys challenging his mind with new things. Grayson is kind and a great helper.  He has a big heart and a wonderful smile!” Pictured is Grayson working on a letter sort activity in his classroom.