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Ms. Haley Arnold and Lizbeth Morales Garcia, Sonoran Trails Middle School

Haley Arnold teaches seventh grade English Language Arts at Sonoran Trails Middle School.  Ms. Arnold’s learning environment is outside-the-box, promoting a love of literacy through unique projects and use of active involvement with technology.  Students in Ms. Arnold’s class love her enthusiasm and feel that she relates to them and their interests.  Ms. Arnold deeply cares about her students and her school.  She shows this through her fun learning opportunities, collaboration with other teachers at her school, through her dedication to after school programs and her willingness to jump in and help in any situation.  Pictured is Ms. Arnold with her students, after asking them to “provide evidence of who is their favorite teacher.”

Lizbeth Morales Garcia is a seventh grade student at Sonoran Trails Middle School.  Lizbeth has an exceptional work ethic and a positive attitude toward school and learning.  She is dedicated to her own success and has a growth mindset that is inspiring to others.  She faces challenges head on and never gives up, no matter what obstacles are thrown her way.  Lizbeth is thoughtful and kind with a gentle approach that makes her fun to be around.  Pictured is Lizbeth in her Harry Potter element outside her language arts classroom.