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Ms. Lindsey Mineweaser and Caitlyn Scheuler, Lone Mountain Elementary School

Lindsey Mineweaser teaches fourth grade at Lone Mountain Elementary School. Miss Mineweaser is continually learning new things and working to provide new experiences for her students. She has adopted several new innovative practices in her classroom that empower her students to monitor their own relationships and decision-making. She is a positive person, a great listener, and brings fun, upbeat enthusiasm to her classroom. Her students appreciate her big heart and her creativity.  Pictured is Miss Mineweaser leading a lesson on fossil fuels, where her students got to experience “mining” for chocolate chips in their own cookie.

Caitlyn Scheuler is a fourth grade student at Lone Mountain Elementary School. Caitlyn has a positive attitude, a kind heart and a love for learning.  She brightens any room she walks into with her cheerful smile and contagious laugh. Caitlyn works hard to make sure all of her classmates are included and her growth mindset makes her a role model for her peers. Caitlyn takes responsibility for her own learning and believes that no one can stop her from achieving her goals. Pictured is Caitlyn in her classroom, reminding everyone to “Be the nice kid!”