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Ms. Kaiqi Huang and Parker Henderson, Horseshoe Trails Elementary School

Kaiqi Huang teaches fifth grade at Horseshoe Trails Elementary School. Huang Loashi has been a pioneer of the Chinese immersion program at Horseshoe Trails, leading the original group of students in the program last year in fourth grade and again this year in fifth grade. She is creative and dedicated, translating and teaching the Arizona science and social standards in Mandarin Chinese so that her students are not only mastering the content but also building solid proficiency in their new language.  Pictured is Huang Laoshi with some of her students wearing red for Chinese New Year and making dumplings for their Chinese New Year celebration.

Parker Henderson is a fifth grade student at Horseshoe Trails Elementary School. Parker is a dedicated Chinese immersion student with a passion for learning. He gives all of his effort to everything he tries and is always fully engaged while learning and practicing Mandarin with his classmates and teacher. He loves to help others be successful and is a kind and positive role model for others. Pictured is Peter in his classroom practicing Mandarin Chinese calligraphy.