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Janet Busbee, Member

Janet is married with three children in our district schools (high school, middle school and elementary school). She earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana. Janet has been self-employed as a consultant since 1994. In addition to her professional responsibilities, she has been very active in our schools and the community. Janet has served as Vice President and then President of the PTO, coordinated the implementation of the "Trailblazer" program at Horseshoe Trails, which links nearby community members with students, is a Kiwanis member, served as President of her church's parish council and also served as a member of the school board for the Diocese of Phoenix. "Every child deserves a good education. The children in the Cave Creek school district are no exception. The children in our schools are our future. As a community we have a responsibility to ensure our students are equipped with the tools to lead us successfully into the future. Protecting the integrity of our classrooms and supporting our teachers is a priority." She can be reached by email at